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Featured Pieces


First Ascent

The beginnings of a new adventure. Unfamiliarity is present, yet with a sense direction. Combining what is known with unforeseen events is the theme of this piece. Just like every adventure starts out as a bold new chapter, so does the opening theme. The music works though building a shared experience reaching the melodic section, which represents the "floating" moment of any journey in which the traveler aligns with their path. With the main theme coming back after that, we know the journey is over, but also that there are so many more experiences to come. 

Watch the UNT Trumpet Ensemble Performance here 

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Imagine a time before people, before civilization itself. Animals roamed free in wide open beautiful lands. Written with inspiration from the Wichita Mountains, this piece is a depiction, from sunrise to sunset, of the natural beauty that is present in this refuge. From it's lakes, to the open prairies, the oak forests that border mountain ranges, this it truly a land for us to remember where we came from. 

Watch the video recording

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The Journey Forward

The end of an era is never easy. When something so familiar comes to an end, it is difficult at first to determine the next path. Many feelings of confusion, denial, anger, and acceptance are present themes in this piece to depict the ordeal associated with one's journey to find their way forward. There are times when one feels they have overcome the obstacle in sight, but realize there is much more to learn as depicted by the second main theme and following sections. Once one journey ends, there is always another around the corner. This piece is for 10 players; 9 trumpet and a euphonium or optional bass trumpet.

Watch the UNT Trumpet Ensemble Performance here

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Additional Works for Trumpet Ensemble

In addition to his studies in Jazz and Classical music, Camden started writing for trumpet ensemble in mid 2016. It has been his greatest pleasure to use his performance experience as a way to write music for trumpet ensembles and mixed brass groups. Below are some of Camden's earlier pieces to trumpet ensemble, including his very first piece "Far Apart."


Far Apart

This piece explores the feelings of venturing off into the unknown. There are many beautiful things to be seen away from what makes us comfortable, but there come times when unfamiliarity turns into a perilous ordeal. Themes in this piece range from treacherous to triumphant, with moments that bind the journey in between. 

Watch the performance from the 2017 Bill Adam Trumpet Festival

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In The presence of Greatness

Commissioned for the 2017 John Haynie Memorial Concert, this piece is a reflection of the legacy left behind by the former University of North Texas (UNT) trumpet professor. Haynie was a member of the UNT faculty for 40 years. The title of this piece is derived from a quote by Kieth Johnson, from UNT trumpet professor 1990-2014, describing the reputation of Mr. Haynie. 

Watch the performance from the 2017 John Haynie Memorial Concert

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Off to the Parade

This piece was written for the end of Ian and Kadie Hunt's wedding as they rushed from the sanctuary to join a horse-drawn carriage that was waiting from them in the UNT homecoming parade. Written for 6 trumpets and organ, this work combines elements of fanfare and festivity to celebrate the Marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Hunt.   

Watch the wedding recessional performance

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